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Bug#469534: Fixed this myself by upgrading libgpgme.so.11

reassign 469534 libgpgme11
retitle 469534 missing shlibs bumps breaks other packages
severity 469534 serious
submitter 469634 !

Dear libgpgme11 maintainer

I have recieved the following report against kmail:

|martin@shambala> kmail
|WeaverThreadLogger: thread (ID: 1) suspended.
|WeaverThreadLogger: thread (ID: 2) suspended.
|WeaverThreadLogger: thread (ID: 3) suspended.
|WeaverThreadLogger: thread (ID: 4) suspended.
|martin@shambala> kmail: relocation error: /usr/lib/libgpgme++.so.0: symbol 
|gpgme_op_getauditlog, version GPGME_1.1 not defined in file 
|libgpgme.so.11 with link time reference

and later the reporter says:

> And well due to my multi release setup, I had this one still at etch.
> After upgrading it as follows

> I think a versionen dependency could help here, although there should not
> be any problems on regular full Etch => Lenny upgrades.
> Please add a version to the dependency or otherwise close the bug if that
> does not make sense.

As this dependency is added by shlibdeps, it is a bug in gpgme.

$ cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/libgpgme11.shlibs
libgpgme 11 libgpgme11 (>= 1.0.1)
libgpgme-pthread 11 libgpgme11 (>= 1.0.1)
libgpgme-pth 11 libgpgme11 (>= 1.0.1)

and comparing the symbols in 1.1.2 (etch) and 1.1.6 (sid) gives the following 
added symbols in 1.1.6 compared to 1.1.2:

pusling@scrooge:/tmp/gpgme$ objdump -T 1.1.2/usr/lib/libgpgme.so.11  | grep 
\.text | cut -b46- | sort > 1.1.2.symbols
pusling@scrooge:/tmp/gpgme$ objdump -T 1.1.6/usr/lib/libgpgme.so.11  | grep 
\.text | cut -b46- | sort > 1.1.6.symbols
pusling@scrooge:/tmp/gpgme$ diff 1.1.2.symbols 1.1.6.symbols
< .text
> gpgme_conf_arg_new
> gpgme_conf_arg_release
> gpgme_conf_opt_change
> gpgme_conf_release
> gpgme_op_conf_load
> gpgme_op_conf_save
> gpgme_op_getauditlog
> gpgme_op_getauditlog_start

No there should have been a shlibs bump here. Please update this and poke me 
afterwards so I can ask for a rebuild of kdepim.

> Final test by trying to sign this message ;-). If it goes out, all seems
> fine.

It worked fine. Thank you for your report.


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