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Bug#466930: hkp search+import fails on keyids of more than 4 bytes

On Thursday 21 February 2008, Philippe Teuwen wrote:

> The faulty code is the following:
> kservers.cpp line 317:
>     QString kid=subkey.section(" key ",1,1);
>     kid=kid.stripWhiteSpace();
> =>  kid=kid.left(8);
>     kitem->setText(3,kid);
>     QString creation=subkey.section("created",1,1);
Thank you for your nice and thorough analysis of the issue. 
I don't have a onak server running, so no easy way to do any debugging, but 
maybe we can walk it thru together?

You could try adding a line right before the problematic line you marked:

If I understood things correctly, this sholud print out what is inside 
the "kid" string after whitespace has been removed from both ends.

I am especially curious wether there is a trailing comma or not.

If you end up with a output like 

then just try to replace left() with right() in the problematic line. That 
should make it use the significant digits for key id.

If you end up with more output like trailing punctuation, we probably need a 
different approach.

Man, how can I do for uninstalling the digital SMTP space bar?

You neither must rename the connection, nor should ever ping to a sendmail of 
the connector, so that then from Outlook XP you can never boot a coaxial EIDE 
monitor for logging from a attachment.

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