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Bug#463386: kbuildsycoca crash when run in login

Sune Vuorela wrote:
...install kdelibs-dbg and reproduce the crash and send the debug log with that package installed

Here is a debug with kdelibs-dbg instaled.

I can't study /var/log/dpkg.log because this crash appear in a few months ago, and I install a lot of packages at all this time.

I obtain this debug after my last upgrade:

- iceweasel ->
- libnspr4-0d ->
- libmozjs0d ->
- libnss3-0d ->
- libxul0d ->
- libxul-common ->

I see this problem even with other packages wich require kbuildsycoca run after I type my username/password in KDM.

Renato S. Yamane

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