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Bug#465253: My experiences

I don't know if it helps but here is my experience with this bug.

Seems that at about the same time this started, when I would try to open konqueror in file management mode as root user, I would get the following message and konqueror would crash:
Command 'konqueror --profile filemanagement ' not found.

So this might be related.

When I try running it as root in terminal window I also get this message:
konqueror: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/kde3/konq_sidebartree_dirtree.so: undefined symbol: stat64

Actually I get that same message when running as normal user from the terminal and then konqueror crashes as well. Here's what happened: I typed 'konqueror --profile filemanagement' in terminal as normal user, konqueror started. It was set to show history in the sidebar. As soon as I clicked Folder, to see the folder tree, it crashed and gave me the above message in terminal.

But then if I start it through Quick Browser button from the panel or just open Home from the desktop (as normal user), it doesn't crash but it doesn't show the folder tree either.


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