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Bug#450549: Segmentation fault in kxsldbg

Hi Sune, 
On Saturday 26 January 2008 10:44 pm, Sune Vuorela wrote:
> I have tried a bit and quite easily reproduced it.
> With the test doc from the sources:
> kxsldbg src/kdewebdev-3.5.8/kxsldbg/data/testdoc.xsl
> src/kdewebdev-3.5.8/kxsldbg/data/testdoc.xml /tmp/foo
> and pressing "step" icon 2-10 times, then it blow up in a quite nice
> segfault.

> I have tested with libxslt 1.1.18 te 1.1.22 and I get the same segfault
> every time.
> backtrace from gdb following

Thankyou for these details I will do another build using the version of libxml 
and libxslt mentioned and try again. Sorry for late reply - was on holiday.

I see that it is interesting that gdb reports
	 item = (xsltStackElemPtr) 0x39
which can't be right. xsldbg just interates the list of  xsltStackElemPtr 
value should be 0x00 if the end of variable lists is found.



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