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Bug#437354: libqt4-dev: Put qmake into its own package

Hi Brian,

On Mon, 11 Feb 2008 22:18:11 -0500 Brian Nelson wrote:

> > are there any updates on this? I maintain pokerth which needs qmake4,
> > libqt4-core and libqt4-gui, but not -sql, -qt3support etc.
> > At the moment it build-depends on libqt4-dev which fetches way too much
> > stuff in during building, what is annoying :)
> I don't see any compelling reason to split out qmake, and doing so now
> would probably break some package builds.  I think this should be closed
> or tagged wontfix.

At the moment, all packages which need qmake4 need to depend on
libqt4-dev. That fetches a really long list of other libs in, which
sometimes (as in my case descibed above) aren't needed for the
compilation of the package.
So I would split all /usr/bin/ and /usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/ into an own
package and let libqt4-dev depend on it. So no packages depending on
libqt4-dev will fail, and maintainers have the choise to depend on
qmake only.


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