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Bug#348141: Additional information


after not seeing progress on this problem for another half a year I decided to give it another try, but KMail 1.9.7 (KDE 3.5.8) still remains completely useless for my IMAP-stored eMail.

So I observed the IMAP communication between my client and the IMAP server with Wireshark, comparing KMail with the working Icedove. While
 1 capability
 2 login
 3 namespace
are the same between the two programs, I saw a different at the fourth step:
KMail sends
 LIST "" ""
while Icedove sends
 lsub "" "user.*"
and other lsub-commands for many other mailbox folders I have. Does this help in solving the problem, which is nearly 2 years old?

Best regards

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