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Bug#458419: PATCH: speed up Kopete history search, add support for MSN voice clips

Package: kopete
Version: 4:3.5.8-1
Tags: patch

The kopete history plugin has a function to search the chat history
for a string.  Unfortunately, it is wastefully and unusably slow, and
it searches the XML in the history logs, not just the message text.  A
while ago, I wrote a patch to fix this, but upstream might not make
any more releases of Kopete 3.5, so I'm submitting it to Debian.  I've
attached a debdiff with several patches added, and I'd appreciate it
someone would review them and upload an updated package. If there's
anything in the code that is unclear, feel free to ask me questions.

The voice clips patch adds support for receiving voice clips, but
delegates support for decoding them to external software, which
currently doesn't have any support for the format, even though free
source code for decoding it exists in aMSN.  However, I run Kopete on
my system with the patch applied, and I thought others might find it
useful as well, so I included it in the debdiff.

The changelog entry is below:

kdenetwork (4:3.5.8-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * 24_kopete_history_search.diff: rewrite history search algorithm so that it
    doesn't block the event loop, displays results before the search is
    finished, and doesn't waste cpu time searching files multiple times.
    (see KDE #141566, #143549, #148649)
  * 25_kopete_latexconvert_bashism.diff: fix a bashism in kopete latex
    conversion script that breaks the KopeTeX plugin. (Closes: #444475, KDE
  * 26_kopete_msn_voiceclips.diff: Add support for receiving MSN voice clips.
    (see KDE #115150)

 -- Simon Ruggier <Simon80@gmail.com>  Sun, 30 Dec 2007 22:54:19 -0500

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History search:
KopeTex Bashism:
MSN voice clips:

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