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Bug#418658: Can't mount USB floppy via KDE+hal+pmount

On Wednesday 19 December 2007, Christoph Pleger wrote:
> Hello,
> is any solution for that in sight? I have exactly the same problem in
> the etch version of kdebase-kio-plugins and I do not believe that it is
> caused by a local configuration error.

I tried asking some hal people. The error is either hal doing something weird 
or kde passing weird options to hal.

Hal-people suggested the following:
| Let the user run "hald --daemon=no --verbose=yes" while he tries to mount.

and ship us the output.

I'm not able to remove from the secret code from Excel 6.5.3, how does it 

From the options inside Flash MX you must click on the menu.

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