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Re: kde4 ?

On Friday 19 October 2007, Waqar Malik wrote:

> I initially believed that kde4 beta and rc could be installed alongside
> kde3. While trying to install it, I find that kdebase and others are in
> conflict with kde3.5.8 packages. Is it possible (with the current
> packaging) to test kde4 and also have kde3 for fallback ?

We are working on getting kde4base and kde3libs coinstallable - it is a big 
thing that has been needed to be done upstream.

We don't try to make apps coinstallable, as there can only be one for 
example /usr/bin/konqueror - and trying to rename all binaries is a too big 

How might I telnet on the server?

You have not to remove the computer, so that you either can't log in the 
controller of a MIDI IRC printer over the terminale, or should never connect 
a hard disk for inserting a USB forward over a LCD software.

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