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Bug#353347: Old bug, do you still have the problem ?

I tried this on all sorts of objects, i.e. classes in a class diagram,
use cases in a usecase diagram, activities in an activity diagram, etc.
Even tried mixing selection of objects and associations. Also tried
multiple selection of objects in the list view but on pressing the
right mouse button to execute the Delete menu choice, only one
listview item remains selected.
Haven't had a single crash with any of the above.
This is with Umbrello version >= 1.5.71.

Please describe exctly _how_ you got the crash. E.g. did you use
the right mouse button for the Delete action, or did you press the
Delete key on the keyboard, or...


Oliver M. Kellogg
Developer, Umbrello UML Modeller
http://uml.sourceforge.net (home page)
http://bugs.kde.org (problem reports)
uml-devel@lists.sourceforge.net (mailing list)

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