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Huge regressions in Debian SID

Hi everybody,

I've been working with Debian SID for about two months now, and it was very fine.

But since a couple of days there are some regressions causing pain in the KDE 3.5.7 dependencies:

1. synaptic (THE CORE package manager at all!) is being purged and cannot be reinstalled anymore due to missing dependencies pointing to the latest apt and apt-utils version.

2. libopenexr2ldbl causes huge troubles and leads to the loss of packages like kmail, konqueror and others.

3. the kdelibs4:3.5.7.dfsg.1-3 and kdelibs4c2a4:3.5.7.dfsg.1-3 packages are causing huge incompatibilities and broken dependencies. The 1-2-packages do function very well.

Can someone please take a look at this and fix the broken dependencies?

Thanks in advance and Cheers


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