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Bug#413055: kdelibs4c2a: KDE widget that accepts password behaves wrong when keyboard layout is not US

В сообщении от 20 Июль 2007 00:12 Sune Vuorela написал(a):
> On Thursday 01 March 2007, Max Dmitrichenko wrote:
> > Package: kdelibs4c2a
> > Version: 4:3.5.5a.dfsg.1-6
> > Severity: important
> > Tags: l10n
> >
> > I have configured my keyboard for two layouts "us" and "ru". If I switch
> > keyboard to "ru" layout and KDE dialog prompting password appears then for
> > every character I type into password field two asteriks appear. To
> > Plain Qt programs do not suffer from this bug. Checked on Psi.
> >
> > I suspect that problem is with UTF-8, i.e. entering a two-byte UTF-8
> > character displays two "*".
> Hi!
> One thing I don't fully understand in your bug report. Is it just a 'cosmetic' 
> issue - or does logging in not work?
> What if you use backspace? do one or two stars dissapear ?

No, it isn't just a 'cosmetic' issue. Backspace deletes only one star. I didn't
check weather a correct password is entered or not, because I don't have passwords
which contain non-latin chars.


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