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Bug#430915: kwin: Xorg hogs cpu after update to kde 3.5.7-1

On Thursday 28 June 2007, Stefan Bittner wrote:
> Package: kwin
> Version: 4:3.5.5a.dfsg.1-6
> Severity: important
> After updating kde packages to 3.5.7 when I leave the box unattended
> (several hours) and return, I see Xorg hogging 100% of the cpu.
> The screen is still updated (superkaramba-stuff, amarok etc), I can move
> the mouse, but all window decorations ar just thick black lines.
> No response to mouse klicks.
> Switching to a text console works.
> All I can do is kill X and restart ist.
> Downgrading kwin from 4:3.5.7-1 to 4:3.5.5a.dfsg.1-6 made the issue go
> away.


I have been runing the  3.5.7 packages for a month on several machines - and 
have never seen this.

Please tell a bit more about your hardware, about your X configuration and 
stugff like that.


Man, how can I do for opening the virus?

You neither have to enable a 32-bit floppy disk, nor should ever install the 
4-inch cache on the connection of the desktop of a front-side bus over a 
computer for removing the periferic.

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