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Bug#425314: Cause identified + workaround ($HOME in use after session closed)

>>Shouldn't the PAM session (which triggers libpam-mount to
>>umount) only be closed after the X session has been closed, ie after
>>the above processes have exited?

>The problem I see is that all the kde processes wrongly detach from the X
>structure (setsid / reparent to init / etc.).  _Ideally_, `ps afx` should
>show all the WM fluff _under_ kdm/gdm/etc

That info really helped me!

startkde (to which /usr/bin/x-session-manager is symlinked) runs kdeinit,
which is then - as you said - reparented to init.  startkde then runs
ksmserver and passes session management to it.

After ksmserver has terminated, the startkde script continues with some
cleanup actions, among which there is a call to 'kdeinit_shutdown'.
However, it does not wait for a confirmation, it just proceeds with further
cleanup routines and then terminates.

Adding a simple 'sleep 2' after the call to kdeinit_shutdown fixed the
problem for me, libpam-umount cleanly unmounts my $HOME.

I can live with the workaround, however it would be really nice if the
maintainers could find an alternative solution for the problem.

Thanks for helping me resolve the issue!

Christian Kastner
PGP Key: AE90E13F

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