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Bug#425222: Switching encoding incorrectly indicated in job list

Package: kaudiocreator
Version: 3.5.5-2
Severity: Minor

After switching encoding option (via "Rip Selection" button, for example), the 
job list indicates the previous encoding for the FIRST encoding job. The 
correct encoding is used, only the job listing is incorrect. The subsequent 
jobs correctly indicate the new encoding.

For example, if I rip a CD first to flac and then to mp3 (lame), the first 
encoding to mp3 indicates (flac) and the subsequent tracks correctly indicate 
(mp3). Fortunately, the correctly encoded files are created, even for the 
first track, so this is only of minor concern.

The above use might also suggest a "wishlist" feature to be able to chose 
multiple encodings for a single ripping...

Thank you.

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