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Bug#319220: Very old bug, do you still have the problem ?


> > Steps to reproduce:
> >      * open searchplugin.xmi
> >      * open SSD: plugin initialization 
> >      * try to add a synchronous message from AptPluginContainer to
> >        AptSearchPlugin
> I confirm this bug with the branches/KDE/3.5/kdesdk/umbrello from KDE SVN of
> today.
> I have been able to narrow down the problem:
> After removing all <UML:Generalization>s from the file, it is possible to
> add the message from AptPluginContainer to AptSearchPlugin.
> I suspect that it has to do with bogus <UML:Generalization>s that,
> although deleted from the diagram, would still persist in the XMI file.
> Umbrello had such a problem a while ago but that problem was fixed,
> i.e. Umbrello no longer stores outdated generalizations/realizations.
> We are dealing with a problem from the past and I'm afraid I won't be able
> to fix this soon.

Ok, the file you sent me seemed to work find in the beginning. But then
I readded the inheritance relations (including removing some I
erroneously added) and the choosing method calls in a SSD again crashes
Steps to reproduce:
      * open searchplugin-readdedGeneralizations.xmi
      * open SSD "plugin initialization"
      * Select the last call from PluginManager to AptPluginContainer
        and choose "Select operation" from the context menu
      * Segfault

--- NOTE ---
I just noted, that debian still ships umbrello 1.5.5 - so I am still
working with that version. So further testing is delayed, till debian
upgrades their version of umbrello.

I've attached the xmi file, after I've readded the associations - in
case you want to take another look.



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