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Re: Package descriptions

Hi Daniel,

On Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 11:50:29AM +0200, Daniel Arnold wrote:
> Hi,
> I run a (currently) small project dedicated to improve/write genric 
> distribution agnostic package descriptions ready for reusage for all Linux 
> distributions at http://pakanto.org.
> I already have a few (hopefully) useful package descriptions there (not only 
> in English!). However writing new ones from scratch instead of improving on 
> top of existing ones is a quite time consuming job.
> A second problem is that from time to time random anon people add useful texts 
> via copy and paste into Pakanto although the license conditions of Pakanto 
> and the site the people took the texts from don't have compatible license 
> conditions.
> Up to now I always deleted these texts and did write a new ones from scratch 
> in order to avoid later troubles. Recently one person did add some KDE 
> package texts taken from Debian (e.g: http://pakanto.org/wiki/KDE-Artwork).
> As I am sure that this problem will come up again from time to time and as it 
> is way better to improve upon a good basis such as your package descriptions 
> (my current aim is to provide decent package descriptions for all "official" 
> KDE packages in English and German until the first beta Release of KDE 4) I 
> ask you if I can import all your KDE package descriptions into Pakanto under 
> its license conditions: 
> http://pakanto.org/wiki/Pakanto:Licensing_requirements
> The Pakanto license conditions aren't much different from yours (I suppose 
> your package descriptions do have the same license as the package, so they'd 
> be mostly LGPL/GPL in case of KDE) they just add some extra caution in order 
> to guarantee as less as possible troubles on reusing and maintaining these 
> texts under the copyleft principle.
> I'd be really happy to provide you with improved and multilingual package 
> description texts based on yours. Are you interested?

You can take the Debian KDE packages descriptions under the licence GPL.
Descriptions were made and later improved for people working in the team.

It would be great if this project improve these descriptions in order to update
the Debian's one to KDE 4 :-)

Also, maybe you should be interested in look in the project smith:


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