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/usr/bin/licensecheck conflict

[I'm not subscribed to -qt-kde so please Cc: me (and preferably the
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In #382148, it was requested that a script similar to licensecheck from
kdesdk-scripts be added to devscripts; this was done in today's 2.10.3
upload. Unfortunately the new script is also installed
as /usr/bin/licensecheck, creating an undeclared conflict between our
two packages.

As the script appears to have been removed from KDE upstream SVN several
months ago, I'd like to suggest that devscripts become the canonical
location for the script, with kdesdk-scripts possibly recommending
devscripts due to the move.

Obviously, if you would prefer to keep shipping the kdesdk version of
the script then we will rename the devscripts version. I believe my
suggestion makes sense for both packages; please let me know what you



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