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Bug#417649: 100% cpu utilization with kdelibs 4:3.5.5a.dfsg.1-8

> >
> >Can you try to upgrade again to -8 and see if still happens?
> >
> The problem persisted; when I downgrade to a previous version the  
> problem disappear. Please notice that I'm not only upgrading  
> (downgrading) kdelibs, I've also upgrading (downgrading) kdelibs4c2a  
> and kdelibs-data.
Yes, all those packages are built from the same source.

> I'm using 8859-1 as my locale (probably it doesn't matter, but the  
> patch is about a problem with utf-8, I'm bringing this to your  
> attention just in case it would matter).

Yes, that is the *only* change between versions, so i do not understand 
where you problem come from.

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