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Bug#339702: About your bug: "juk: Add Folder spins forever" on the Debian BTS

On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 01:25:59PM +0000, Rich Walker wrote:
> > - you are still experiencing this bug (adding in what version)
> Yes: I've just installed juk again (3.5.5-2) and it still does it.
> > - the bug was already fixed, 
> > - or if you have extra information on how reproduce this bug.
> I think it's because I have automount directories that do not do
> mount anything because the hardware in question is not present.
> If you can provide me a debugging/logging build, I'll give that a try.

Thanks for your response Rich.

If i have understood right, you have music in several devices, sometimes you
open juk to listen music in devices that are mounted but it hangs forever
searching for the music on the devices you have not mounted?


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