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Bug#385299: umbrello: Umbrello should depend on kdebase-bin

On Monday 19 February 2007, Djoume SALVETTI wrote:
> Maybe it's only after a crash that the saving problem occur, but I
> haven't been able to crash umbrello up to now...
> So maybe you could tag this bug unreproductible, if I found some time I
> will try to reinstall completely a debian Etch with a GNOME desktop and
> see if umbrello works again.
> until then I have downgrade the severity to important.


Ever got around trying to do something about this?

I consider closing this bug as unreproducible soonish unless some more 

Something someone could try was to remove kdebase-bin, move away ~/.kde/ and 
try run umbrello.

Do you know how to cancel a monitor from the tools menu inside iMacOS 9.6.8?

First of all you neither should ever remove the IRC system on the application, 
nor should save a serial command prompt for resetting the SGRAM pointer over 
the cache of a jumper.

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