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Bug#345890: Old bug, do you still have the problem ?

tag 345890 -moreinfo
found 345980 4:3.5.5-2


Yes, the bug is still present.  I have two sound cards.  If I set the channel 
in KMix to the "Master" device on card 1 (cards are numbered 0 and 1), then 
restart KMix, the channel in KMix gets reset to "Master" on card 0.


On Tuesday 27 February 2007 08:20, Olivier Vitrat wrote:
> tag 345890 moreinfo
> thanks
> Hi,
> the bug you've reported is more than one year old and newer version of
> this package is available.
> Can you still reproduce this bug? If yes please give us a short note
> with the version number you've tested. If not, this bug will be closed
> in a few weeks, but you are of course free to reopen it.
> Thank you for your cooperation!
> Olivier

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