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Bug#382482: kde: Alt+Tab stops working after a while.

severity 382482 normal
tags 382482 moreinfo

> I've started to use again KDE since two days (i.e. the problem was not
> there some months ago, but I don't know exactly when it appeared), and
> now I have the problem that Alt-Tab stops working after a while.
> My .xsession-errors is full of cryptic (for me) messages, and I didn't yet
> find a relation with an action taken.

This behaviour was not observed by KDE team members. Could you provide
precise information on how to quickly reproduce the described behaviour?

This could include but is not limited to mentioning applications that
need to be started or other things.

You should also create a new user and verify if you can reproduce this
behaviour with another user.

Helmut Grohne

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