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Bug#255010: [Bug 84610] device icon mount/umount behavior broken by /etc/fstab edit

> Does this still happen in recent KDE versions?

I don't know. The original submission contains a 100%-repeatable howto on
re-creating the scenario, so one can try and see.

Currently, I switched completely to udev-based solutions, so that the
fstab contains things like /dev/keycard and it's udev that's responsible
for managing the symlink creation in /dev, from keycard to sda1 or sda5 or
whatever. Best thing is that previously, if I plugged in my USB digital
still camera in before the keycard, then it got mapped /dev/sda instead of
the usb memory stick, and if I plugged in keycard together with it, it got
/dev/sdb, with udev it happens no more. So udev is the way to go.

KDE works fine over this, so for me it makes a good workaround
of the original problem, even if it is still present.


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