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Bug#412093: kpilot: events added to handheld after upgrade to 3.5.5.dfsg.1-6 are lost at, sync

Hi Pedro,

On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 01:15:59PM -0200, pedro bulach gapski wrote:
> Package: kpilot
> Version: 4:3.5.5.dfsg.1-6
> Severity: grave
> Justification: renders package unusable
> A previous version of kpilot (3.5.5 if I recall) caused events on the
> handheld
> to be lost. A subsequent release solved the problem.
> After the upgrade to the latest version (3.5.5.dsfg.1-6), a variation of
> this
> problem has returned: calendar events added to the handheld are lost on the
> device after a sync operation. Moreover, they are not added to the
> calendar,
> effectively causing the data to be lost. Note that only new events are lost;
> previous unaltered entries seem unaffected.
> To-do entries altered on the desktop are not copied to the device
> either. The
> sync overrides the entries with the handheld data, causing the alterations
> to be lost.
> I am running plain debian etch, and I use network sync thru bluetooth.

Could you try to be more precise about the versions? What fist version
caused this problem and in which version this problem was fixed?
Also, very important, could be you were using libpisock8 and upgraded to
What device model are you using? (in case somebody else with same model
can confirm this problem).


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