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Bug#234931: /usr/bin/qtconfig: cursor blink incorrect

I have tested this on my computer and here are the results
qt3-qtconfig 3.3.7-3
$ qtconfig-qt3
Open "Interface" and write 0 into the "Cursor Flash Time" field and it will 
change to "No blinking" after you press Enter. Save the configuration and all 
cursor blinking will stop in KDE3 programs.

qt4-qtconfig 4.2.1-2
$ qtconfig-qt4
Open "Interface" and write 0 into the "Cursor Flash Time" field. It won't 
change to "No blinking" but "10 ms". Then press the arrow down and you will 
get "No blinking". Save the results and you are done.
   This is a strange behaviour or a minor bug.

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