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Bug#411114: three places to enter identity, unclear relation

Package: knode
Version: 3.5.5.dfsg.1-6

In knode are three places where I can enter the identity (email address, 
signature etc):
1. Under "Settings|Configure Knode".
2. In the account properties for the newsserver.
3. In the group properties for each group.

AFAICT, only the third or the second one take effect, with the third 
overriding the second. There are some problems with that though:

1. It is not obvious when which identity takes effect, i.e. that the one in 
the account properties is overridden by the group properties. It does indeed 
make sense, but doing so explicitly would be much clearer, i.e. having a 
checkbox "use global/newsserver identity settings".

2. It is pretty common to have a different signature for each newsgroup but 
still the same identity (name, email) otherwise. This isn't possible 
currently, I have to reenter this information in every group if I want 
per-group signatures and change all of them manually again if anything like 
the email address changes. It is also not possible to select multiple groups 
at once to change them together.

3. I'd like to be able to also extend instead of override the signature, but 
that is just a wishlist item.

4. Obviously, if one place is never used (the one under "Configure knode"), it 
should be removed.



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