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Bug#386547: kmail: display of secure messages is bulky

On Friday 08 September 2006, marcus@better.se wrote:
> Package: kmail
> Version: 4:3.5.3-3
> Severity: wishlist
> The display of GPG or S/MIME-secured messages is extremely bulky. It
> draws a box, or sometimes several nested boxes, with a different
> colour around the secured parts of the message. This is visually
> unappealing. Also the header above this box contains too many details
> (key IDs, verification status etc) which is usually not interesting
> and wastes a lot of space.
> This is a very unattractive way to display messages which makes secure
> e-mail really hard to read.
> The security information should be much less invasive - check out
> Thunderbird for example. A small status bar, coloured according to
> security status, should be enough. The details can be hidden behind a
> clickable icon, as is standard practise with web browsers and e-mail
> clients.


I actually like the way it is done.
This kind of security cannot be represented by a simple icon. You can have a 
mail of different parts, all can be signed one or multiple times from 
different people, subparts can be encrypted to different keys and so on.  You 
just can't with a icon mark the message as "signed" or "encrypted" if it is 
only valid for a couple of lines in the email.

A message like "One or more lines in this email is signed" is not usable at 
all. I as a user need to know which lines is the signed ones. The same is 
true for encrypted emails.

I consider closing this bug as wontfix soonish.


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You have to explore with the gadget on a computer to install the file.

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