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Bug#353940: About your bug: "kdm: will no longer start (using Xvnc" on the Debian BTS

I have spent some time trying to get X working again as per this bug, but it
has been some time since I have been in here and many of the packages have
changed since then.

I have not yet successfully gotten an XDMCP session running yet, but I
cannot say whether it is related to this bug or one of many potential
configuration faults on my side.

FWIW a tightvnc server is showing a login prompt for me, so if that is
related to this issue then it may show progress being made

These are the current errors I'm seeing in my daemon.log, I have not yet
found a way to get additional information at this time.  I will try to
revisit this issue again later.

02:04:37 knight kdm[25851]: X server died during startup
02:04:37 knight kdm[25851]: X server for display :0 can't be started,
session disabled
02:06:08 knight kdm:[25856]: Cannot connect to, giving
02:06:08 knight kdm[25851]: Display cannot be opened

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From: Ana Guerrero [mailto:ana-bugkde@debian.org] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2007 10:28 AM
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Subject: Bug#353940: About your bug: "kdm: will no longer start (using Xvnc"
on the Debian BTS


We (the Debian Qt/KDE team) are trying to update the bug status of some
old bugs in the BTS.

You filed the bug
 #353940 "kdm: will no longer start (using Xvnc"
some time ago, you can read the bug report at:

We are sorry if nobody responded when you filed the bug, KDE has gotten more
in the past years than the maintainers could handle. We are trying to fix
this now,
but we need your help. So please respond to this mail and tell us if:

- you are still experiencing this bug (adding in what version)
- the bug was already fixed, 
- or if you have extra information on how reproduce this bug.

Thanks in advance,
  Ana Guerrero,
  on behalf of the Debian Qt/KDE team

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