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Bug#408477: Problems with home directory of config and .gnupg

Package: kgpg
Version: 3.5.5-2
Severity: major

1. on one box the kgpg after install configured its home to / (root) and
therefore it fails to work at all

2. it is not so easy to fix, as the Change Dir button in configuration
dialog next to home dir creates a choose-file dialog which do not show
hidden directories, so it is not possible to find there and use

3. when the directory is invalid the kgpg takes loong time to start up
(10 seconds?) and then silently fails (no error message) and displays 0

Short error message like: Warninig - no keyring found in home directory
(/) go to Opitons -> Configure to fix it  would be nice

ii  kgpg           3.5.5-2        GnuPG frontend for KDE


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