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Bug#354100: About your bug: "kdebase-bin: Some keys insert bad characters in KDE applications" on the Debian BTS


On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 04:56:25PM +0100, Braun Gabor wrote:
> Hi,
> > - you are still experiencing this bug (adding in what version)
> > - the bug was already fixed,
> > - or if you have extra information on how reproduce this bug.
> Meanwhile, the system was upgraded.
> I cannot reproduce the bug but I still have a (much smaller) problem with the 
> keyboard under KDE when the display manager is kdm.
> As for the original problem, I remember the following:
> 1) When I still experienced the bug, I
> swithced the display manager from kdm to gdm, and after that the keyboard 
> worked perfectly.
[mail snipped]

I'm not sure to understand your last mail: the bug of this report is somehow 
fixed, right? And you now have a new different problem now?

is ok close this bug and open a new one with the kdm problems? (this
time reported against kdm). It seems you have problems with the input method, 
but i do not know too much about this, i'm afraid.


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