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Bug#317262: kmail: connections do not recover gracefully from suspend

found 317262 4:3.5.5.dfsg.1-4
retitle 317262 kmail: connection does not recover gracefully from suspend
severity 317262 normal

I seem to have this bug, so I'll try to fill in some info.

When the system is suspended to disk and then resumed, kmail shows a 
connection in progress, with the progress bar stuck at 0%. It
doesn't retrieve any mail, even if I press the mail retrieval button.

To unblock it, I have to press the detail button next to the progress bar, 
which gives the message "Hämtar korglista för namnrymden INBOX" (in Swedish, 
freely translated as "retrieving mailbox list for the namespace INBOX"). Then 
I cancel that transaction manually, after which a new mail retrieval is 
started (successfully).

Also, it unblocks automatically after a while (10-15 minutes), possibly at the 
next scheduled mail check.

This happens with a disconnected IMAP account using TLS and GSSAPI
authentication. Oddly enough it doesn't occur for my other three accounts, all 
disconnected IMAP over TLS/SSL with plaintext password authentication.


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