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Bug#405574: kdm hangs when logging out from kde

Package: kde kdebase kdm
Version: 3.5.5-1

Package: xserver-xorg-video-savage
Version: 2.1.2-1

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installing several versions of etch (e.g. DVD-ISO RC1 from Nov. 2006 or the weekly snapshot DVD-ISO from 1st Jan. 2007) works very fine, expertgui as well as text mode on different platforms.

But there's the same problem on my IBM ThinkPad T23: after installing kde (via aptitude install kde kde-base kdm kde-i18n-de) with or without x-window-system/-core, setting kdm as default and logging in, logging out fails and no kdm appears, only console with the login prompt.

startkde causes failure with the message, that the xserver cannont be connected.
startx starts gnome without any login manager.

IBM ThinkPad T23
PIII Mobile 1133 Mhz Coppermine
S3 Savage
Resolution 1024x768 @ 16
ext. PS2 mouse
installed partition /dev/hda12

I tried several different installations (with/without gnome, different resolutions, with/without ext. mouse, ...) but with kde it's always the same, but gnome works fine.

I continue testing and will let you know, if I find a solution or if I can minimize the problem.

Kind regards,

Andreas Dietel
Bayreuth - Germany

PS: In the while I worked at the /etc/X11/xorg.conf and switched the driver in
Section "Device" from Driver "savage" to Driver "vesa"
and commented out in Section "Module" #Load "dri" and #Load "glx"

Now the logout works fine and the kdm login-manager appears, but it's still a
provisionally solution, I think. It seems the savage driver is corrupted or wrong version?
The version installed with the weekly snapshot dvd-iso from 01. jan. 2007 is 2.1.2-1 (as
mentioned in header)

Perhaps my message helps to find a solution.

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