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Bug#403986: akregator: Akregator crashes on POST

En/na Antoni Villalonga ha escrit:
> Package: akregator
> Version: 4:3.5.5.dfsg.1-4
> Severity: normal
> Akregator crashes every time I send a comment in a blog :-(
> I can reproduce it:
> $ cat comment.html
> <form action="http://localhost/comment2.html"; method="post"><input type="submit"/></form>
> $ cat comment2.html
> <html>ok</html>
> I link http://localhost/comment.html in a rss2 and open it in a
> Akregator tab. When I submit the form the program crash (and close).
> If I don't sumbit the form it don't crash and if I link
> http://localhost/comment2.html directly in the rss2 don't crash too.
> It crash in my blog too with a complete and valid html in http://_delete-me_friki.cat
> (sorry for the spam). You can't submit a comment using akregator.

Just add this rss test it: http://friki.cat/descarregues/akregator/rss2.xml

Good luck!

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