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Bug#247312: konqueror: opening of bookmarks is much slower when clicking directly on Bookmarks menu


First, I want to apologize to some Debian developers that read
this bug report: not knowing Debian internals at that time, I
had fed some reports about really annoying bugs, and as these
reports seemed to get absolutely no attention for months,
I must admit that I got quite frustrated at one time and made
some bitter and negative comments in this thread, that don't
look like me. Sorry about that, guys.
Anyway I would like to thank Adeodato Simó and Pierre Habouzit
for taking the time to help with this bug, even if we didn't
manage to narrow it down.
This bug has once been very annoying to me, but I ended up
reinstalling a recent KDE version since then, and the bug has
gone away. I don't think many people experienced it, and it's
now obsolete. I don't think it deserves to stay open anymore,
almost 3 years after its initial filling.


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