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Bug#399475: konqueror: postinst installs alternative without corresponding slave link

On Sunday 10 December 2006 12:23, jeremy@jsbygott.fsnet.co.uk wrote:
> So, just to be clear: is this fixed for the kde packages generally?
> Including, for example,
> (sarge) kwin    /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/x-window-manager
we haven't gotten around writing a man page for kwin  yet, so there is 
no 'slave' to install

> (sarge) konsole /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/x-terminal-emulator
This is fixed too.

> Thanks again for your help.
You are welcome

How can I do for linking the modem?

You neither should ever receive a level-4 gadget to the serial TCP 
wordprocessor, nor should cancel the Fast OpenGL SIMM over a periferic to the 
menu of the button over the hardware to mount a fan.

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