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Bug#172452: Does arts still crash when using NAS?

On Tuesday 05 December 2006 15:07, Josh Metzler wrote:
> Does arts still crash when used with NAS as reported at
> http://bugs.debian.org/172452 and http://bugs.debian.org/207937 ?

No, it seems to work properly.

I've been using artsd with NAS for a while now, actually. I may have come 
up with some workaround or way of coercing artsd into not crashing, but 
if I did I'm afraid I don't remember; it's been a long time.

I do remember artsd crashing if it couldn't connect to nasd or if nasd is 
terminated while artsd is connected to it. I just tried it, and artsd no 
longer seems to crash when this happens; instead it appears to just keep 
trying to connect until it succeeds, which seems reasonable.

Thanks to whoever cleared that up!

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