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Re: KDE4 packages?


On Wed, 29 Nov 2006 11:30:56 +0100, Fathi Boudra <fboudra@gmail.com> wrote:


> There are packages for Ubuntu. Will they work on Debian?

Maybe if you rebuild them on debian, but a good advice is to test them
in a dedicated environment first.

i have rebuilded kde4libs for Sid, just to see. You could probably rebuild all

I've built kdelibs just now, there were minor problems, but OK.
Thanks for the advice.

packages for Sid easily. But i rememebr some comments on planet kde, saying it isn't recommended to use these packages for development. Sorry i didn't
find the url of the post...

This seems to contradict what is written on the kde.org website,
"Application developers are strongly advised to work primarily on KDE 4 from now on"

    Jiri Palecek
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