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Bug#395383: kdeprint: Documents are mot printed

Modestas Vainius a écrit :

2006 m. spalis 27 d., penktadienis 12:05, Daniel Huhardeaux rašė:
- open a text file with konqueror and print it with kdeprint: it's ok
- open a pdf file and print it with kdeprint: it's ok
- open an OpenOffice odt file and print it: it's ok
- open an OpenOffice *odg* file and print it: _printing failed_
The above investigation suggests that this bug is not kde specific. It should be reassinged to cupsys (maybe you're using wrong driver for the printer. I had a similar problem on sarge (gs using 100% cpu), when I used pcl6 but my printer supported only pcl5), gs or openoffice.org
It's not a question of wrong driver (foo2zjs): I have this printer since 1 year and I always was able to print till this upgrade. Another laptop under Ubuntu Dapper is using the printer with the same driver and it works fine.

I think that the problem could be more related to gs but I still have no idea on how to track it. In Kjobview, when I destroy the current print out, it's removed from the list but still have gs PID and his companions running. I have to kill manualy.

I am on the point that even with a fresh start of the computer printing failed.

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