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Bug#395383: kdeprint: Documents are mot printed

I went a step further. I restart the computer and:

- open a text file with konqueror and print it with kdeprint: it's ok
- open a pdf file and print it with kdeprint: it's ok
- open an OpenOffice odt file and print it: it's ok
- open an OpenOffice *odg* file and print it: _printing failed_

From this point, I can't now print anymore, even by killing all tasks concerning the last launched print task which are still running. Another strange thing is that printing a pdf file with kdeprint shows me the name from txt file I printed before!

Kjobviewer (with faulty name) as well as cups displays the task as being currently printed, nothing is going on. When I cancel the job (doesn't matter Kjobview or Cups), he's removed from the list but I still have pids running -see attached file sended with bug opening- and 'gs' taking lots of CPU

I guess that kdeprint is not faulty (partly only?) and could be more a gs problem. If you have some testing I could start to point out what exactly happend, please let me know.



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