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akode patch for upcoming FLAC 1.1.3

(cc'ing other package maintainers)
hi Allan, attached is a patch to akode-2.0.1 to make the code
work with both the upcoming FLAC 1.1.3 release and previous
versions.  a beta of FLAC 1.1.3 is available here:


the main change is the merging of libOggFLAC into libFLAC.
the LEGACY_FLAC stuff can be removed once FLAC-1.1.3 has propagated
everywhere.  I know it's ugly, the main purpose of the patch is for
package maintainers to be able to move to FLAC-1.1.3 with as little
pain as possible.  for trunk code you can remove the LEGACY_FLAC
stuff completely; after that you'll notice that native FLAC and
Ogg FLAC can be handled with the same code except for the call to

let me know if you have any questions or problems...


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