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Bug#394139: kdebase misses most of keyboard layouts after upgrading

On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 03:03:26AM -0300, Adilson dos Santos Dantas wrote:
> After upgrading kdebase I cant use my keyboards dead keys (brazilian abnt2) with
> kde and qt applications. Other applications (gtk, motif, etc) are still
> working fine. So I checked the keyboard layout at kcontrol and there was
> a few layouts: af, al, ad, ara, am az, bd, by, be, ba, in and us. There's
> no Brazilian Layout and no deadkeys for use here(exept for non qt and
> non kde software). This bug is similar to #382988 but all workarounds has been failed. Please fix this bug.

Is it possible that xkb-data was upgraded at the same time?  Could this be
related to bug #394060?

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