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Bug#394192: Security: integer overflow in pixmap handling (CVE-2006-4811)

Package: libqt4-core
Version: all
Severity: critical
Tags: security, fixed-upstream

A critical integer overflow was found in QT, possibly allowing remote code 
execution, for example via manipulated images loaded by apps like Konqueror

See Red Hat Advisory:


An integer overflow flaw was found in the way Qt handled pixmap images. 
The KDE khtml library uses Qt in such a way that untrusted parameters could 
be passed to Qt, triggering the overflow. An attacker could for example 
create a malicious web page that when viewed by a victim in the Konqueror 
browser would cause Konqueror to crash or possibly execute arbitrary code 
with the privileges of the victim. (CVE-2006-4811)

A demo exploit, leading to a crash at an up-to-date sid box, is provided at


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