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Bug#393150: kpovmodeler: fails to completely display some scenes

Le lun 16 octobre 2006 09:05, Alexandre DENIS a écrit :
> >   sorry, but that works for me (screeshot attached).
> I attached a screenshot of the same scene (ants.kpm), exhibiting the
> bug.
> >   I don't know if there is a problem with povray though, it's not
> > available on amd64, but that would obviously be a problem with
> > povray and not kpovmodeler.
> The preview in kpovmodeler is not rendered with povray but with Open
> GL.

that looks a like a bug from your openGL driver, sorry pal, that works 
for me, and i see no way on how to reproduce that, so there won't be a 
bug report, and there won't be a fix without that.
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