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Re: KDESU fails after KDELIBS4C2A update

Peter Besenbruch wrote:
I can no longer run programs as root using Kdesu. The program returns an incorrect password error, even when it is entered correctly. I suspect it has something to do with the latest upgrades in Etch for kdelibs4c2a and kdelibs-data, both up to 3.5.5a-1. I have installed gksu as a work-around. Likewise, all root password entries in Konsole work. This affects all five machines running Debian Etch in this house.

Some follow-up. I also found I could not print through kprinter. Kprinter could not find a running CUPS server. Neither could the printer setup portion of the KDE Control Center. OpenOffice printing, and other, non-kprinter dependent apps had no trouble printing.

I grabbed new versions of both packages from Sid (3.5.5a-2) and found that kprinter worked again, but kdesu did not. I retrieved version 3.5.4-3 of kdelibs-data and kdelibs4c2a from a backup and installed them. That fixed the problem. Everything works again.

What I don't know is whether going with the largely 3.5.5a version of KDE in Sid would cause the same trouble. All I can say is that KDE in Etch is not a workable solution at this point.
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