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Bug#386460: Building a package with libqt4-dev on arm times out

Tobias Toedter <t.toedter@gmx.net> writes:

> On Friday 06 October 2006 04:01, Brian Nelson wrote:
>> Tobias Toedter <t.toedter@gmx.net> writes:
>> > Are you aware of this problem? Is anyone trying to compile qt4
>> > with -DQT_QLOCALE_USES_FCVT on arm, to see if the problem can be
>> > solved?
>> Not me...  Did you ask the arm porters to try it?
> Hi,
> the arm porters did not offer to try this. However, they offered to provide 
> a chroot on an arm machine to me, so that I could recompile libqt with that 
> flag and see if the error persists or not.
> On IRC, we concluded that it might be best to first check with you guys 
> whether you know about this issue or not, so that the compilation of libqt 
> might be avoided.
> How should we go on from here? Do you have access to an arm machine to 
> recompile libqt? Note that I'm not a DD.

I just have access to whatever arm machines are available to developers,
but building on one of those would require getting all of the build
dependencies installed, and then (presumably) getting the built packages
installed to test the qbrew build.

However, the QT_QLOCALE_USES_FCVT macro still exists in the Qt4 source.
My understanding is that it would still be valid to use, so I can try
adding it in the next Qt4 upload and see what happens.  With a little
luck it'll fix the problem.

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