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Bug#284699: Upgrade

On Sunday 17 September 2006 03:59, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> severity 284699 serious
> found 284699 4:3.5.4-2
> thanks
>  From what I understood, upstream KDE completely ignores licensing
> questions regarding non-source files beyond distributability. Other
> icons from crystalsvg seem non-free, such as icons for Thunderbird,
> Adobe Reader, Realplayer. A full inspection should be done.

Yikes. Well, short of a full review, at least the icons which originate 
from Mozilla and non-free projects should be examined.

Would you be willing to help do this, find replacement icons, etc.? The 
rest of the team is pretty much swamped right now, so help would be 
much appreciated, especially with the Etch freeze coming. I have 
kde-svn access, so I can ensure that good fixes make 3.5.5.

Christopher Martin

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