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Bug#386948: kamera has empty list of "Supported cameras"

On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 10:01:04AM +0100, peterthevicar wrote:
> kamera requires the package libgphoto2-2-dev to populate its list of 
> supported cameras in the add camera dialog. Without that package you
> are presented with an empty list so cannot set up your camera. digikam 
> depends on libgphoto2-2-dev so if you have digikam installed all is
> well. Just need to add libgphoto2-2-dev as a dependency to fix this.

I'm unable to reproduce this, and besides, it does not make much sense --
what from libgphoto2-2-dev would it need? The only thing would be if it
dlopen()-ed libgphoto2.so, but I can find no such call in kamera.

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