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Bug#308110: Launching on 'about:blank' loads no page; denies functionality.

tags 308110 wontfix

Le dimanche 8 mai 2005 00:54, Adrian Irving-Beer <wisq-deb@wisq.net> a 
écrit :
> Package: konqueror
> Version: 4:3.3.2-1
> Severity: normal
> Within Konqueror, accessing the URL 'about:blank' (like with most
> browsers) accesses a blank page.  White background, 'page loaded'
> status message, URL in the location bar.  All is good.
> Launching konqueror as 'konqueror about:blank' does not actually load
> about:blank, but rather, doesn't load any page at all.  Gray background,
> no messages, no URL.

Who would want to do this ?
I guess nobody, so no need to try to fix.

> This would be perfectly fine if having 'no page' didn't prevent many
> useful options.  For example, I cannot middle-click on the page body
> to drop in a URL from the X selection.  I cannot do 'new tab' at all
> (silently ignores it).  Many menu options are grayed out, including
> those that seemingly have nothing to do with having a page or not,
> like 'hide menubar'.
> Note that actually typing 'about:blank' into the location bar
> (directly after launch) will take you from a gray screen to a white,
> fully-functional page.
> This bug could be interpreted one of two ways -- either launching on
> 'about:blank' should be the equivalent of typing that URL into the
> location bar, or Konqueror should not deny so much functionality to a
> no-page situation.
> If the chosen solution is to provide the real 'about:blank' page, I
> recommend it be done *without* putting anything in the location bar
> (as per current behaviour).  This allows typing a URL in directly,
> rather than having to delete 'about:blank'.  (This is the sole benefit
> of the current situation.)

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